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I need a Freelance consultant, what do I have to do?

Send us an email, describing your project and we will find your industry expert in less than a week.

Can we use your services prior to winning the client’s project?

Yes, you can! Unlike other platforms, we are happy to support our consultancy clients already during the pitch phase. Our price structure caters for these situations by only charging a minimal fee in the case that we can find an appropriate match to your project requirements.

How is our sensitive data protected?

We know confidentiality is crucial for your project success. All freelance consultants and independent experts are therefore contractually bound by us to absolute confidentiality and company information is only shared with consultants which have received your explicit consent. In addition, bilateral NDAs can be put in place, if added confidentiality is required.

When are all features of the platform go live?

We are working on it, really hard. We want to give you the best service. We plan to add more features to the platform every week. There is no need to wait, though. If you already need freelancers you can use our project request form on our website and we will get in contact with you immediately.

Even if we don't hire anyone, would we be charged for using the platform?

We will only charge companies with the full amount if the recruitment ends up successfully.


Do I need to meet special criteria to register at the cherryfish platform?

cherryfish is a dedicated platform for industry business consultants and experts. We accept any freelancer meeting these general requirements. Each profile is checked using our scoring mechanism, which is based on our proprietary 7+1 competence model. We trust that any applicant provides accurate information during the registration process. Any false information in a CV or provided during the registration process will result in rejection of the application or instant removal from the database.

Are there any cost associated with using the cherryfish platform as a freelance consultant or expert?

No. cherryfish is 100% free for freelance consultants and experts.

Can I register while working full-time?

Yes. We recommend you to be an organised mind though, as it is sometimes difficult to perform at a 100% on two projects simultaneously. Keep in mind that your projects will be reviewed by our clients thus, it is important to make a good impression.

How and where will my personal information be used?

We at cherryfish strongly believe that personal data should stay personal and should only be used to the benefit of the owner. We, therefore, treat your data strictly confidential and use the personal information you provided only for our internal business processes. No data would ever be sent to any 3rd party provider without your prior consent. More specific details can be found in our privacy policy.

Can I register without consulting experience?

Of course. Expert knowledge is as crucial to project success as consulting expertise. Experience shows, however, that you should have at least more than 7 years of professional experience with a clear industrial and functional focus to be of interest as an industry expert to clients.