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cherryfish platform offers you many useful features to source, assess and manage the best fitting freelancers for your projects. With our product features we aim to bring you the transparency and efficiency you need in your selection processes

Project Outline

Skills and expertise

The project outline is based on the required expertise and skills. To make it complete we add a project and a task related description

Must haves and skill levels

Your selected criteria can be refined by defining must haves and choosing specific skill levels

Context relevant experience

You can define specific skills or expertise in a clearly defined context, e.g. "Strategy" in the context "Airline Industry"

Positions list

Check all your created positions in the position list offered. From there you can access to the list of matching candidates and each position ovreview.

Decision support panel

Candidate short-list

The best fitting candidates are ranked by their overall matching
score over all selected criteria

Overview of decision relevant data

The candidates short-list summaries all decision relevant information for you. You can compare matching scores, daily rates and availability data and even take the personnel service provider's commission rate into consideration

Easy selection process

With our ranking, the candidates with outstanding matching skills
will appear first. That will enable faster and certain decisions.

Evaluated skill profiles

Candidates expertise

The expertise evaluation shows the candidates level in terms of industry, functional, topic-related and methodological experience. Our algorithm calculates an expertise score (up to 100) based on the criteria of the cherryfish competence model

Candidates skills

The skills evaluation diagram shows the candidates ability level in terms of analytical skills, project management, leadership, implementation skills and line management experience. All scores are calculated automatically through our algorithm and are based on the cherryfish competence model

Background information

The skill profile also contains background information regarding education, cultural experience and languages as well as IT skills. The candidate can add his personality type based on the NERIS type explorer model.

Profile comparison

Matching score

By selecting the preferred candidates, you can easily compare them by all the position criteria. The matching score is highlighted in order to see the best match.

Individual criteria

The profile comparison emphasizes the best candidate
per individual criteria

Availability and daily rates

With the profile comparison you can easily compare the availability of each candidate and their daily rates so you can decide on a price/quality basis.

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