The technology behind cherryfish


360° assessment

360 candidate assessment

The cherryfish algorithm analyzes the candidates CV data based on the cherryfish proprietary 8+1 competence model and establishes a 360 degrees skill profile based on more than 100 influencing factors. Our 360° assessment is an holistic assessment of relevant skills and knowledge areas a candidate must possess.

The 8+1 Competence Model

We do not believe in traditional resumes

Big data analysis is changing the way we see and understand data. This is why we created a new tool that analyzes historical career data to build scored competence profiles for each candidate. We analyze job and project experiences, education and other inputs to establish a skill profile for each candidate and to match them with the position requirements.

industry experience icon

Industry Expertise

This dimension analyzes the specific industry experience and knowledge a candidate gained during his or her tenancy in projects or line positions.

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Functional Expertise

The functional dimension precisely examines the experience and knowledge of functional processes and related skills.

major topic freelancing

Major Topics

The topics score considers a candidate's depth of experience with a specific topic, e.g. the number of projects he or she worked relating to the same topic, publications and more.

professional focus of the freelancer

Occupational Focus

This dimension provides information on the candidates primary application focus of his or her expertise and his or her ability to implement, manage or analyze a functional process. We identify analytical skills, implementation and leadership skills.

Project management experience

Project Management

The project management experience score evaluates the level of project management expertise the candidate reached during his professional life. The score considers trainings, different project roles and the variety of project management experiences.

line management experience icon

Line Organization

This dimension indicates the candidate's experience in line management positions considering multiple aspects like the variety of industries, functions and companies he or she has worked in.


The methods score considers a candidate's depth of experience with a specific method, e.g. the number of projects he or she worked applying the same method,

cultural experience icon

Cultural Experience

Prior international and cultural experiences of the candidate provide relevant information about his or her ability to successfully carry out projects in specific cultural environments.

personality type of the freelancer

Personality Type

To define the personality type of each candidate we offer the NERIS type explorer tool which tells you more about the strengths and weaknesses of the character type.


Benefits of hiring with cherryfish

360° Assessment

We do not simply consider the amount of time a consultant spends on a project and sum up experiences -  neither do we check for mere keywords in CVs. Our 360° assessment
is an holistic assessment of relevant skills and knowledge areas a candidate must possess.


Our algorithm rates all the experiences and competences to match with the position.  We do this on basis of our 8+1 competency model. It is a fully quantified analysis of the given CV data. Since it is a number based model all knowledge, skills and competences become instantly comparable and ensure the best match.


Ever tried to compare apples and pears? Traditional recruiting deals with this dilemma every day. With cherryfish this is no longer necessary. Our 8+1 competence model makes the most complex and diverse candidate career data easy to understand and comparable for decision-making. We make project sourcing as simple as never before and always industry oriented.

High quality, fast

No more gut choices. Delivering the best match is what our clients can expect from us. Our scoring of candidate competencies is based on objective categories and figures. No feelings involved.

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Advanced skill analytics

The cherryfish algorithm follows a complex 3-step data analysis approach by processing and structuring divers data points, connecting relevant data points to become an influencing factor and then building skills scores by combining influencers and weighing them relative to their importance.

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