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Be matched with the best projects from the top companies in your industry. We are here to position you according to your unique skill set. We are here to send you project requests which will make you shine.
Tell us your competence and we will do the rest.

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Less stress

Looking for projects ends up being your second job. cherryfish will provide you with a flow of projects and we will make sure that they match your skills. Don't worry, just excel in the opportunities.

Big network

We are partnering with relevant consultancies, agencies as well as personnel service providers in different industries. Hence, you will become visible to a far-reaching network and reveal your expertise through your skill profile. 

Constantly improving

With our benchmarking tool we aim to provide you guidance and professional advice regarding the market demand. We will provide you guidance on how you can improve your profile.

High quality standards

We make sure that our consulting projects reach high standards. We won't accept sub-standard opportunities. Our team of experts examine thoroughly every project we receive.

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Satisfied freelancers

aviation project manager freelancer

Marc Borkowsky

Aviation Project Manager

I was really amazed on how fast the selection process was. In less than a week I was starting to work in a new project. Most of the previous services I used are slow, with a lot of requirements and tests from the companies. Also, the customer service was really nice and close.

airline maintenance expert freelancer

Branimir Vukovic

Co-founder, AvioCATS & Airline Maintenance Expert

I was tired of being offered projects that didn’t match my skills or my knowledge. I felt like other service providers didn’t even read my CV. With cherryfish I found a platform that filters the right profiles thanks to their specific competence model.

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