Reach new clients and minimize cost of sales at the same time

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Your new sales channel

cherryfish offers direct access to numerous open project positions in mid-size companies and international corporations. Limit your cost of sales to a minimum and offer your candidates through our platform to the client.

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Access to
consulting budgets

Get access to large consulting budgets through one channel

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your expertise

Position your company as the specialist you are in your field

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sales costs

Minimize your placement efforts by using the curated cherryfish selection process

Are you a company looking for freelancers?

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Discover a new way to find freelancing projects

cherryfish for freelancers

cherryfish benefits

Be in the know

Receive push notifications if your previously placed candidates are a good fit for a new position 

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Eliminate consecutive
candidate assessments

Your candidate goes through the assessment process only once and will be considered for all new projects independent from the client

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hiring probabilities

Collect objective feedback on your candidates through the cherryfish assessment analysis and increase future hiring probabilities

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The process for service providers

Using cherryfish as your sourcing platform offers you new sales opportunities and eases your search and assessment process in no time. All your candidate profiles listed on the cherryfish platform are automatically matched with every new client request.

headhunter process
Distribution of project outlines

cherryfish sends project position requirements to service providers

Candidate Search

You, as a service provider, add relevant candidate profiles to cherryfish platform

Candidate assessment

cherryfish performs candidate assessment and establishes candidate’s skill profile

Candidate ranking

cherryfish provides assessment results and candidates ranking to the client according to client’s criteria

Client decision and contracting
with the personnel service provider

Client decides on the most appropriate candidates and negotiate the terms with the respective service provider and closes the contract

Commission payment

If you are the selected service provider, you will pay a commission fee to cherryfish

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Request more information and we will guide you through the possibilities and benefits of cherryfish. Keep your candidates busy with our selected positions
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